New Customers • Loyal Customers • Better Customers

Firefly Rewards™ is the easiest and most simple to use loyalty marketing system you'll find. You receive a complete automated points, rewards and communications system that turns casual customers into loyal patrons.

Imagine your own private-label points and rewards system with online customer communication and sales reporting features for an unbelievably low cost! Firefly Rewards™ helps you stretch your marketing dollars.

The last thing your customers want is another card. Firefly Rewards™ makes unwanted loyalty cards a thing of the past. Instead we use your customer's phone number as their member ID. Increased convenience means greater consumer participation and more sales.

The Firefly Rewards™ system runs seamlessly with your existing POS, so there is no need for additional terminals or hardware. We remotely launch your system and can have you up and running quickly. You manage the system conveniently online in just minutes a day.

Only Firefly Rewards makes all your marketing more effective

Are you using Facebook®, Twitter®, Groupon® or coupon services to drive traffic? Don't stop because Firefly Rewards makes all of your existing marketing more effective. We take those new customers and turn them into long-time loyal customers who spend more and shop more often.

Only Firefly Rewards makes all your marketing more effective